The question isn’t how much the pizza is worth it’s how much pizza can I now afford? 

The Bitcoin Pizza Purchase That’s Worth $7 Million Today
Remember that story about the guy who purchased a house with bitcoin, you think he’s smacking himself in the head like he coulda had a V-8. Sort of like a lot of people who are looking at the numbers two-nine-three-eight next to BTC. As the price of bitcoin goes up what’s the cost of items we normally purchase, such as a laptop, a hosting plan, automotive repair, coworking space, a personal trainer, or a pizza? What about my service, says the freelancer? Does the contract for services rendered have a clause for the increase in value of bitcoin? It’s not $900 worth of work for $900 worth of bitcoin, its 0.324 BTC worth of work. If you started the year making one BTC a week you now earn 68% less, but does it buy the same amount? When do we detach from the dollar and its immobile brethren, gold, to properly price products during rallies?